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Decorative Wall Finishes That Stun

Home décor and interior design have taken homeowners to new heights in terms of wall finishes. While a simple accent wall in a contrasting paint color or wallpaper is still a popular option, other types of decorative wall finishes are gaining in popularity. The type of finish you use says much about the effect, or ambience, you wish to achieve. Sophisticated? Romantic? Shabby chic? Rustic? Fun? Contemporary? This list goes on. The options are virtually limitless, so understanding a few basic wall finish types up front can help during the decision process.

Wood – Wood wall finishes today go beyond old-style wood paneling or log cabin-type wood walls. Wood in its many styles, widths, and natural or stained colors is a warm, beautiful option for walls. Wood planks can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. They can be hung on a wall in a stripe option with alternating rows of painted wall in between. Wood, in all its natural beauty, is a perfect choice for an accent wall in a bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

Stone, Rock, and Brick – Stone, rock, and brick, often seen on the exterior of homes, have also been used as interior finishes for decades. Who hasn’t seen these finishes on walls, chimneys, and backsplashes? Use stone, rock, or brick as an accent wall or smaller section of a wall you want to define or highlight.

Paint Variations – Beyond a single color of paint on the walls, other paint techniques let you personalize and decorate a room or wall easily and economically. Options include: 1) Stenciling, where you use a stencil to apply a design or pattern on a wall in a different color from the background paint; 2) Using metallic paint or glaze to cover a wall or defined space for a shimmery look; 3) Color washing, where glaze is used on top of a base coat of paint to give the wall depth; 4) Sponging or rag-rolling, where you use a sponge or rag to go over a painted wall and create a textured design; and 5) Streaking a painted wall in either a vertical or horizontal manner to produce a textured look.

Plaster – Venetian plaster, done right, provides a look of stucco to give a wall or room an old-style European look. Metallic plaster gives surfaces a look of a textured, painted wall with particles of shiny metal or glass that add drama. Plaster wall finishing is an involved, multistep process, perhaps better done by a professional to achieve the best results.

Wall Decals – Wall decals are actually stickers intended just for walls. They can be placed, removed, and repositioned elsewhere without leaving any residue or damaging a wall. Decals can be in the form of words or letters, geometric shapes, nature depictions, animals, etc., and they let the homeowner make a truly personal expression. You cannot change the color of a decal, but with all the options available, you’ll find one that complements the space you want to decorate.

Other wall finish options not listed here include brushed suede paint, textured sand and sandstone paints, and more. The wood, stone, rock, and brick finishes mentioned above can be purchased in both natural and artificial – faux – form. An eco-conscious homeowner might find wood available from an old building or wood product and enjoy recycling and repurposing the wood for a new use. On the other hand, faux wood, brick, and stone panels look just like the real thing. Do your homework on the faux versions of these finishes to better understand the pros and cons in terms of cost, installation, and maintenance. Do-it-yourselfers will also find applying some of these finishes themselves is a home improvement project they will have fun doing and gain satisfaction every time they look at the end result.

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