Millwork Adds Character and Appeal to Any Living Space

Millwork Adds Character and Appeal to Any Living Space

Millwork refers to a category of carpentry items and building products that are made in a woodmill. The term millwork generally refers to products made from all wood, though millwork can also be fabricated from a
combination of wood and synthetic materials.

Depending on its intended use and purpose, millwork can be mass produced or custom made. Mass-produced millwork is most often used by home and commercial builders who look for lower-cost products that can be used in a large variety or number of buildings. Consider, for example, the builder of a townhome community whose design plans include the same doors, cabinets, and window trim and casings in every house.

Custom millwork, on the other hand, is designed and made at the request of an individual home owner or builder who is looking for a non-standard, non-cookie-cutter look and/or function using unique design and
architectural elements to improve and beautify a room or a space.

As might be expected, custom millwork generally costs more than mass-produced millwork. But homeowners love the trade-off they get in return for paying a bit more by having the opportunity to design their living space to suit their individual needs and tastes. They should, however, rely on professional designers, architects, and building contractors for help in pulling the design and finished product together. That is the best way to ensure the look and style of the millwork elements fit with the overall style and architecture of the home. For example, the millwork features you would consider putting into a traditional-style home would not work well in a contemporary-style home and vice versa.

Types of Millwork

Millwork includes a wide range of items, some of which serve a useful purpose while others are decorative and
enhance the overall look of a room or space. Examples of millwork include:

• Stairways, railings, and spindles

• Cabinetry in general, for example, in kitchens and bathrooms

• Crown molding and cornices – originally used to cover imperfections where the walls and ceiling of a room come together, crown molding has evolved in design and function to add style to a room and draw the eye up

• Ceiling beams and fireplace mantels

• Wall paneling, wainscoting, chair rails, and baseboards – typically installed to protect walls, these features are often also designed and installed to complement the entire room and enhance its look

• Accent items such as light switch plates and outlet covers to coordinate the look of an entire room

Some millwork is built in and serves a utilitarian function. These products effectively replace standalone furniture that serves the same purpose. Common examples include shelving and book cases, music and TV entertainment units, custom office cabinets and work spaces, homework stations, mudroom storage cubbies and benches, and other wall features where items can be stored or hung.

The variety in designs and the countless applications in which millwork can be used let homeowners express whatever style they want – from clean, simple lines to decorative flourish and ornamentation to single focal points in a room. Millwork generally is balanced and symmetric and assimilates into the room element or architectural structure where it is placed. Other design details, such as paint color, can offset millwork.

The vast majority of homes today have some form of millwork – whether it is the type that is mass produced or custom built for a unique designer look. If you love the look and function that can be achieved with millwork but
are not sure where to start in terms of the potential design and look you can achieve, look online for ideas and inspiration, then contact a professional to discuss available options.

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