floating staircase

Floating staircases are staircases that are self-supporting. That is, they do not require support from underneath or from a wall, and, in essence, they appear to be floating. Floating staircases come in a variety of designs and are used in both residential and commercial settings, but the sleek, open look of a floating staircase lends itself well to more contemporary and industrial-type settings.

A floating staircase can have a single or double stringer, which is the part of the staircase that provides the main support for the stair treads. This type of staircase does not require connection to a wall for support. A single stringer goes along one edge of the treads, and a double stringer goes along both edges. The stringer is the framework that holds all the treads in place and is the part of the staircase that ties (joins) an upper floor level or landing with the one beneath it.

Stringers and treads can be specially treated and stained wood, or coated and painted steel – whatever appearance and décor you wish to achieve. In a residential setting, wood can be stained to match or complement other woodwork in the home, such as wood ceiling beams, fireplace mantel, or other flooring. Railings can be metal or wood and have specialty cabling. For maximum light and a clean, minimalist look, the railing can have clear glass panels along the treads.

What also gives a floating staircase its open look and feel is the fact that the treads don’t have risers and the space beneath the staircase is entirely open. This feature allows for the entry of more light into a room. And, because a floating staircase does not need a wall for support, the layout of a room can be designed to accommodate the staircase almost anywhere, making the staircase the true centerpiece of the room. Floating staircases are like traditional staircases in that they must provide sufficient support and stability and also meet all code requirements.

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