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Is it time to update your bathroom or kitchen? Are you ready to finally finish the basement or add a three-season room? When it comes to remodeling or renovating a room in their home, most homeowners know exactly what they want. What they don’t know is how much the project is going to cost them.

Ask any contractor how much a room renovation costs and the answer will always be the same: “It depends.” A number of factors contribute to the final cost of any home remodeling project, including what the renovation encompasses in terms of size, the cost of materials at the time the project gets underway, the condition of the home, unforeseen issues that arise, and the cost of labor. By understanding these factors, homeowners will better understand what goes into pricing out a remodeling project.

How Extensive Is Your Renovation Project?

Does your renovation include changing the home’s layout by knocking out walls to open up a space, or enlarging a space by adding more square footage? Is the wall you want to remove a load-bearing wall? Does it contain mechanical items such as plumbing, ductwork, or electrical wiring? Could lead or asbestos be a concern where remediation would be required? A yes response to any of these questions means added expense.

Getting Started

State and local building and planning code authorities require homeowners to obtain a permit prior to starting work. Depending on your project, you may need more than one permit. In general, permits are required for new construction/additions; mechanical work, including electric and plumbing; major renovations; or structural changes. Most contractors are familiar with the permit process and know which permits are needed for each project. They usually take responsibility for obtaining permits, but pass the cost for the actual permit on to the homeowner.

Kitchens and Baths

The kitchen and bath are the rooms that are most often renovated. They are also the most expensive rooms to remodel, on a square foot basis. Where kitchens are concerned, the biggest expense is for cabinets, which can range from stock cabinets from big box stores to custom cabinetry from specialized wood crafters, and be priced accordingly. Other costs include the countertop, appliances, and flooring. Bathroom renovation expenses include the bathtub and/or shower; sinks, vanity, and countertop; toilet; and tilework on walls and/or floor. In all interior renovations, painting and lighting are added costs.

Additional Contractors

Home remodeling projects typically require specialized work, such as electrical, plumbing, flooring, and even engineering, if making a significant structural change. Each of these professional services come with their own price tag, which might either be factored into the total cost or paid for separately by the homeowner.

Where You Live Matters

Basic project, labor and material costs vary by zip code. Costs also vary depending on the level of workmanship that goes into the project and the types and levels of materials used.
Savvy homeowners want to understand up front what their entire home renovation project is going to cost. They may further project those costs into the increased equity in their home and potential resale value should they ever wish to sell. What matters most, however, is ensuring you are happy with the renovation that’s been done and the enjoyment you receive from using the new space for the foreseeable future – two considerations to which a dollar value cannot be applied.

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