Living Room Renovation | DC Complete

Do you feel condensed and separated from the rest of your home, and the others in it? If you’re living in a smaller home, or just generally looking to open your living area so that it feels larger and creates a sense of togetherness, then look no further. We are offering some tips below on how you can create that open flow feeling you’ve been looking to bring to your home.
• Utilize an open floor concept
Houses that have each individual room separated by a maze of walls and corners seem smaller and less flowing than their open floor counterparts. If this describes the feel of your current home, no worries, there’s an easy fix to this. Simply take out some of these walls and open your living space. Having your living room, dining, and kitchen area all opened to each other not only makes the space seem larger, it also creates a more comfortable and welcoming concept to your home. Going through with the open floor re-design will also add value to your home and usually boost its attractiveness on the market. Give DC Complete a call and we will gladly help you create that rejuvenating open floor concept you’re seeking for your home.

• Use Lighting to “Create Space”
A shadowy home feels more closed-off and tighter than a brightly lit one. Take advantage of natural light to create a sense of enlargement in your living area. You could add strategically placed windows and skylights to bring more brightness into your home. If you’re not looking to add more windows, or if natural light is minimal in your area, then you could always substitute it with artificial lighting. Track lighting doesn’t take up a lot of floor space in your home and works as a good substitute for natural light. Look around your home and see if you could use some more light and what ways you would like to add more into your space. Using either option, natural or artificial, works great and if done correctly will brighten up and expand your living space.

• Furniture Layout and Visual Room Separation
Defining an area of your home using furniture and lighting can add clearness as well as space to the living area. When working with an open concept in a home you want to position the furniture in the living room for example, so that it is clearly defined from the dining area. Rugs are very effective at visually defining where one living area is located from the others. If you want to add more separation to each living space, then you can consider adding different lighting styles to each space. In the living room you may want lighting fixtures that are very close to the ceiling, while in the dining room you may want a low hanging chandelier to help show off room differences. There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding how to define each of your living spaces, don’t be afraid to get creative and see what really works for you.

• Use Multifunctional Furniture and Shelving
A relatively easy way to keep your home spacious and flowing is to buy and use storage furniture. Some examples of storage furniture would be like buying a sofa that has storage bins built-in underneath it or get more creative and use something like a thick drawer as a floating desk on the wall. This tip allows you to embrace your creative side to bring extra space to your home. Shelving can be another creative way you can add space and spice up the look of your home. Put up shelving in a unique way on your walls, and if you have high ceilings then the higher your shelfing or design features are, the bigger your space will appear.

The pros at DC Complete can help you design and build an open floor plan that works best for you. We put our skills to work to make sure the home layout you build or renovate includes your best ideas for spaciousness and workability. For more information or to request a consultation for remodeling your home layout, call DC Complete today at (810) 407-1771