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Do you have a wooden deck in your backyard that looks like it could use some rejuvenation? If you think your deck is starting to look a little sad and in need of a makeover, we’ll be providing some useful tips and ideas below that you can use to bring your faded deck back to life.
• Repair
Before you can start the process of beautifying your deck, you must get rid of the blemishes currently there. Inspect your deck and look for nails starting to come up, warped or broken boards, and parts too far gone from dirt or spill buildup. Once you’ve identified all the pieces of your deck that need repair, go to your local or chain hardware store and collect the lumber and supplies you need to start repairing and replacing the damaged parts of your deck. Once you get all damaged parts fixed you can move on to the next steps in maintaining and renewing your deck.

• Clean
Staining and sealing your deck are essential in keeping your deck looking good and staying strong; however, giving it a good wash beforehand will make a big difference in your deck’s life. Washing/Cleaning your deck removes any old dirt and stains that would be getting trapped under the stain and sealer if you failed to clean it first. A good wood cleaner will remove most dirt, mildew, and old stains on your deck. If your deck is particularly dirty you may even want to sand it down to remove buildup and stains and then continue with the cleaning.

• Stain/ Seal
Once you’ve successfully cleaned your deck and it’s looking good, you can move on to staining/sealing. Sealing your deck gives it a waterproof coating that protects the wood from moisture and external factors that could damage the wood or integrity of the deck. A deck sealer and deck stain both offer the same waterproofing and protective qualities, the only difference being that stain has an added pigment in it to give your deck a new or enhanced tone. Once you’ve found the sealer or stain you plan to use on your deck make sure you have at least 2 dry days ahead of you after you apply the sealer to allow it to dry completely. Apply the first coat with a roller and thinner, working out puddles and weird spots. Then go back with a paint brush and apply a thicker coat and get to the places the roller couldn’t reach.

• Consult Help
Like many at-home projects, re-doing your deck is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and work and if you don’t know what you’re doing because many things can go wrong. A lot of times it makes sense just to call a professional to take care of these tasks for you. For instance, we at DC Complete are eager to help you and guide you with deck repairs or maintenance.

At DC Complete we can help you fix and rejuvenate your wooden deck. We’ll use our professional skills to make sure your deck is repaired and structurally strong and that it looks good too! For more information or to request a consultation for remodeling your home’s deck, call DC Complete today at (810) 407-1771.