Smart Home

The dictionary defines the term smart home as a home that is “equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.” Tasks most homeowners are used to handling themselves can now be automated to make life easier and getting things done more efficient. When you understand the advances in smart home technology and the benefits they provide, you will want to start using and taking advantage of them right away. Though it may sound like something out of the future, smart home technology is here today – and here to stay.
Top Reasons to Have a Smart Home
The reasons for having a smart home – and the benefits smart home products and technology provide – are many. Consider these:
– Reduced energy bills – Not only will you enjoy the convenience of controlling specific functions such as heating and air conditioning on your drive home from the office, you will appreciate savings in the form of lower electric bills, thanks to 1) reduced energy use and 2) increased efficiency of smart home products.
– Enhanced home security – You and your family can feel safer and more secure if your home is equipped with a security system that:
• Sounds an alarm when a door or window is opened unexpectedly • Allows you to adjust lights on and off in different areas of the home as needed • Lets you view your home inside and out remotely through specialty security cameras and doorbells • Provides views of entryways and interior rooms you can check on your phone or tablet whether you are home or not
– Help around the house – Perfect for the busy homeowner who wants help with routine tasks around the house, you will find smart products that handle duties such as robot-type vacuums that clean while you’re out and refrigerators that add to your grocery list items such as milk or juice that are getting low.
– In a word, convenience – If there’s a faster, better, cheaper way of doing something, by all means do it. Make your life easier by using the intelligent technology of systems and appliances that are programmed to turn on and off automatically, use just the right amount of energy, and tell you when maintenance is due.
How Does Smart Home Technology Work?
Smart home technology works several ways. In a smart home, all electrical items – lamps and lights, fans, thermostats, TVs and sound systems, appliances, garage door openers, etc. – are connected to a centralized computer system that uses specific software that lets you control them from your phone or tablet, with a
keystroke or voice command, whether you’re home or at work. Once connected, you will no longer have to operate these electrical items via a manual switch. Some items, such as appliances, are also connected to the manufacturer, who will notify you if an appliance needs repair or maintenance.
Aside from the convenience and potential cost savings of having a smart home, perhaps the biggest benefit for homeowners is peace of mind. Knowing you can control the main systems such as heating, air conditioning, lighting, and security remotely, means you have the power to keep everything in check and know they are working properly.
If you’re not ready for a fully connected smart home, start with items that serve the same purpose, only on a smaller scale. Set up a home theater sound system you can control from the recliner. Program an automatic coffee maker to grind your java bean of choice and have your freshly brewed first cup of the day waiting for you when you get up in the morning. Get a digital assistant device such as Amazon Alexa for quick checks of the weather, news, and traffic, a gentle wake-up alarm, or help organizing your calendar and shopping. These are all good first steps toward making daily activities more convenient and your home smarter.

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