Kitchen Remodel Essentials | DC Complete

Are you finally ready to remodel your kitchen? Maybe you already know which cabinets and flooring you want and are in the process of seeking bids from contractors. Before you make any final decisions or sign a contract for your kitchen remodel project, however, you’ll want to make sure the statement of work includes installation of several essential features. Over the years, the features and functionality of cabinets and other elements in the kitchen have improved – all designed to make our kitchen duties easier, more efficient, and, frankly, more fun. Below we cover the most popular kitchen must-haves.

  1. Deep drawers – One or two extra-deep drawers are perfect for holding large pots and pans. And one placed alongside the stovetop means you’ll have quick and easy access to whatever you need.
  2. Pull-out shelves – These shelves are useful for the items you store in low cabinets or in a pantry. The shelf, which has walls several inches high and is made of wood or metal, simply slides out to give you easy access to items stored at the back of the shelf without first having to remove items at the front of the shelf.
  3. Drawer dividers – Make rooting through a messy utensil drawer a thing of the past. Well-positioned dividers keep kitchen utensils neat and organized for quick access.
  4. Tray cabinet – No more banging as you search through a stack of cookie sheets and pizza pans for the one you want. A tray storage cabinet comes with a roll-out base with vertical dividers so you can stand baking sheets, cutting boards, and other flat items to easily locate the pan you need.
  5. Cabinet with two wastebaskets – one for garbage, another for recyclables – easily keeps trash out of sight.
  6. Large kitchen sink – Sinks come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials that fit every design and budget. Sinks can be single bowl or split. Whatever sink you decide on, make sure it suits your needs and is appropriate for the available space where it will be installed – too big, and you could lose counter space; too small, and the sink’s functionality decreases.
  7. Pot filler faucet over the stove – This faucet, with its long reach, is mounted high on the wall behind the stove. The cook just needs to place a big pot underneath and fill it with water right there – helpful when cooking pasta, corn on the cob, soup, etc.
  8. Double oven – Some standalone ranges come with double ovens (one smaller than the other) while serious cooks opt for two full-sized ovens built into a kitchen wall. Either way, you’ll love the functionality of being able to bake, broil, or roast more than one dish at the same time.
  9. Kitchen island – Expand your food prep, cooking, storage, and eating space by installing an island. Kitchen islands can be built to accommodate a microwave oven, wine fridge, stove top, small sink – whatever you need.
  10. Pet feeding station – Keep pets out from underfoot by giving them a strategically placed feeding station with a nearby food and toy storage cabinet.
  11. Smart-kitchen technology – Appliances and other kitchen elements are getting smarter and smarter. Today, your faucet can turn on when you wave your hands under it, your refrigerator can let you know when you’re getting low on certain food items, and you can manage the operation of the lights from your smartphone or tablet. Your oven can be programmed to turn on at a specific time to begin roasting dinner, then alert the family via text message when the food is ready. These functions are just the tip of the iceberg.
  12. Design elements – Cabinet and counter styles and designs change every several years. Anyone who watches HGTV know that white and light grey kitchens are currently the trend. Given the investment you’ll be making in new cabinets, make sure you will be happy with your choice – whatever it is.

The professionals at DC Complete keep up with all latest trends in kitchen design, form, and function. We put our knowledge and expertise into every kitchen remodeling project we complete and consult with homeowners to make sure renovations incorporate whatever options the customer wants, while keeping the project on time and on budget. For more information from DC Complete or to request a consultation for a kitchen remodel, call today at (810) 407-1771.