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Traditional flooring including carpet, hardwood, or laminate is fine for the family room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. What about flooring for rooms or garages that have been designed or renovated for a nontraditional use, such as a weight room or home gym, a music room, an area for cleaning and taking care of pets? Then there are outdoor living and play spaces where an alternative to a concrete patio and high-maintenance lawn would enhance the look and function of the area.

For every nontraditional living space at home, a specialty flooring exists that is just right for the area. Need softness underfoot? Soundproofing? Shock absorbency? Comfort and safety for children and pets? A green alternative? Manufacturers have picked up on the demand and now deliver a variety of specialty flooring products that add beauty and enhance function.

Garage Flooring –

Cold, hard cement flooring is no longer the only option available for your garage. Given the multitude of ways in which a garage can be used or configured, you can choose a flooring that expresses your personal style while also protecting the original floor underneath. Most options are easy to install, come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are manufactured to stand up to the full range of weather environments.
Garage flooring materials include rubber, hard plastic, flexible plastic, and vinyl. Flooring types can be mats you lay down or tiles that interlock and fit together in the pattern of your choice. When deciding which type of flooring to use, keep in mind how you will use the garage space and make a choice that will be resilient and durable enough to take whatever you dish out.

Gym Flooring –

Rubber flooring – Rubber flooring comes in interlocking tile and roll types, both of which are easy to install and maintain. With varying degrees of thickness, rubber flooring can be used in high traffic areas and is especially suited for use in basic home gyms and exercise rooms. Reminiscent of your corner gym, this nonslip flooring comes in black, black with color flecks, and other colors so you can get just the look you want. Rubber flooring tiles and rolls provide a surface that is resilient, strong, and shock absorbent.

Gym turf – For the super athletic person who likes the challenge of varied workouts that use all types of equipment, gym turf is another flooring option for your workout area. This type of flooring is available in rolls and tiles and comes most often in the traditional green color.

Outdoor Flooring –

Maximize the use you get out of your outdoor living spaces – porch, deck, patio, yard, play area – by placing specialty flooring to add beauty and comfort, and even safety features to reduce children’s scrapes and bruises. Most outdoor flooring products today are resistant to mold and mildew and can withstand the elements. Outdoor flooring options are virtually limitless, and include:

  • Composite decking and deck tiles – The options are as varied as your imagination in look, style, and color, and they let the homeowner extend the life of their deck beautifully and economically. Most of these specialty products are environmentally friendly and resistant to rotting.
  • Outdoor pavers – Rubber pavers provide an ecologically friendly alternative to stone, brick, or concrete pavers. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are softer to walk on than traditional pavers.
  • Playground flooring for the swing set and slide areas – These can be mats, tiles, and even rubber mulch. Children will land more softly and be subject to fewer scraps than they might get if they fall on wood mulch. Rubber mulch is good for plant beds as well, as it does not attract insects and keeps weeds at bay.
  • Artificial grass in the form of turf rolls – Artificial turf looks and feels like real grass but stays neat and trim all year long and can be applied anywhere in your yard.
  • Pet turf – This artificial grass, specially designed for your pet’s soft paws, can be used indoors or out, is highly resilient, durable, and provides a sanitary and insect-free environment for Fido.
  • Outdoor carpet – Dress up outdoor living spaces and patios and add comfort underfoot with outdoor carpet. Beyond the usual 12-foot broadloom types, outdoor carpet comes in self-adhesive tiles that can be easily removed and replaced if they get damaged. And the variety of fade-resistant colors and styles let you customize the look you want.

Do your homework when deciding which type of flooring to install in these extra living spaces. How you use the room or outdoor area will determine the most appropriate type of flooring to put down. DC Complete can help you determine and install the best flooring option. Call us today at (810) 407-1771.