porch construction flint davison miCan a Pergola Work in a Small Yard?

If a pergola is at the top of your wish list but you have a small yard, you can still find a way to make one work for your landscape. Here are a few options to incorporate a pergola even with a lack of space.

Tuck a pergola against your house – this version is installed against the back wall of the house. It allows you to turn a small seating area into a featured spot with a support for climbing plants and decorative lighting.

Allow light to filter through – this allows you to maximize every drop of sunshine in your small yard. A pergola with this feature gives a sense of intimacy without blocking all of the light.

Add curves – try a tall arched style as opposed to a more traditional style pergola. This helps you retain height while creating the feeling of an outdoor room.

Make it a focal point – make the pergola the center of your design and work everything else around it. This could require you to sacrifice space for other things including a lawn or planting beds, but if a covered seating area is your dream, this design could be your ticket.

A pergola does not have to be for just large yards. You can work with the space you have and enjoy all the benefits a pergola has to offer. If you have any questions, please call DC Complete today at (810) 407-1771.