pet friendly renovations

In a recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association*, a whopping 68% of all U.S. households own one or more pet, with dogs and cats being the top pets owned at 48% and 38%, respectively. Since these four-legged friends are often considered another member of the family, why not take their needs and comfort into consideration and incorporate pet-friendly elements into your home?

Once you’ve added one or more of these pet-friendly design elements in your home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Your pet will thank you.

  • Nook for food and water – Build a floor-level nook into a kitchen island or other lower cabinet to keep food and water bowls handy and easily accessible by your pet. A recessed feeding station keeps bowls off the floor and out of the way. Store pet food, pet treats, and pet medicine nearby.
  • Space for sleeping – Take advantage of space under a stairway, in a wall or window nook, or under a built-in wall cabinet to build a warm, comfortable space where your pet can go to sleep and feel safe and protected at the same time. Add a gate and the space does double duty as a crate.
  • Dog wash station – If space permits, install a dog washing and grooming area in your laundry room or mud room. Rather than washing your dog and making a mess in your bathroom, a separate washing station in the form of a shower pan with a drain and low-level handheld shower lets you conveniently clean your dog before he tracks dirt and mud into the rest of your home.
  • Coming and going with your dog – Build a cubby near the door you go in and out of most frequently with your dog. Keep leashes, balls, and other outdoor equipment at hand and organized. And store a towel there too, for wiping Fido’s paws and fur after a walk in the rain.
  • Pet door – Let your dog or cat go in and out of the house to the yard as needed by installing a pet door. Pet doors come in a variety of types and can be customized to meet the size requirements of your pet. Different types include: a door or wall flap with a pass-through opening; a screen door for use with a regular door or window screen; a screen door for use on a screened porch or door sidelight; or whatever suits your pet’s needs.
  • Cat litter box – Cats need a litter box that is out of the mainstream of household traffic. Build or set aside a space for enclosing the litter box and camouflage it behind a curtain or, if the space is built into an existing cabinet, include a small opening the cat can step through. This not only gives the cat its privacy, the enclosure contains litter that might be dispersed when the cat scratches or jumps out of the box.
  • Flooring solutions – When installing new hardwood flooring, consider types that resist scratches from claws and have a protective finish. When considering carpeting, look for types that are stain resistant and that cat and dog claws won’t easily snag. If you’re installing new ceramic tile flooring, add radiant heating to keep pets warm during colder months. (Your feet will appreciate the heat too!)

Spaces you design and remodel in your home for your pet not only accommodate their needs, they add clever function and organization. Whatever you envision to make your pet’s life more enjoyable at home, DC Complete can help you achieve it by designing pet friendly projects that fit your home and budget. Contact us today at  (810) 407-1771!