Small Bathroom Renovation | DC Complete | Remodeling Flushing MI

It isn’t always easy to optimize small spaces into usable living areas. Trying to make everything fit in the available space is often like solving a crossword puzzle. Take a look at these tips to use all available space in a small bathroom and make it look larger than it actually is!

  1. Add Mirror Walls

Adding a mirror across a wall can double the look and feel of a small room. Mirrors are also good for reflecting light, allowing you to get more lighting from a light fixture in the bathroom or windows!

  1. Wall Mounted Toilets

If there is space in the walls of your small bathroom, you can build in a toilet tank, in turn saving both floor space and legroom with a wall mounted toilet. Adding shelving above the tank creates additional storage as well!

  1. Nix the Tub

Bathtubs take up a significant amount of floor space, twice the amount of showers! Getting rid of a tub opens up the bathroom significantly.

  1. Continual Flooring and Curbless Showers

When you eliminate the curb around your shower, the flooring can continue right into the shower. Continuous flooring opens a bathroom and makes cleaning the shower so much easier!

  1. Small Sinks/Floating Vanities

Wall mounted sinks are a great way to save floor space and make your small bathroom appear more open. If you’re looking to add storage, try a wall-mounted floating vanity.

  1. Add cabinets and open shelving on the walls.

Don’t let a small bathroom mean you have less storage! Real estate on the floor might not be an option, however the walls readily make up for that. Use narrow open shelves to keep the look light. Metal towel racks also work well. For cabinets, look for ones with glass fronts. Don’t forget the back of the door, it’s a great place to add towel bars or robe hooks.

  1. Pocket Doors

Installing a pocket door instead of an in-swinging entry door is one of the biggest space saving ideas you can consider for a small bathroom. To install a pocket door you will have to open your wall to create the pocket. However, you can gain up to 9 square feet of usable space that you did not have before.

  1. Combine Dark Floors and Light Walls

Light walls reflect more light helping your small bathroom feel larger. Dark floors give the illusion of a continuous floor.

  1. Create an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall is a great way to add some color to a small bathroom. This technique will give your room depth and interest without being overwhelming.