Kitchen Lighting | DC Complete

Lighting may not be on the top of your list when it comes to updating your kitchen, however kitchen lighting is one of the most crucial lighting aspects in your home. Changing the lighting can make a huge difference in the look and functionality of your new or updated kitchen.

Kitchens today aren’t solely used for cooking. They’re a gathering spot for friends and family, a place for kids to do homework, and even a room to work from home. You stand and sit and you should create a lighting plan that includes task lighting, perimeter lighting, and accent lighting for a balance of light.

Create a kitchen lighting plan to include layers of light for better functionality and aesthetics.

Creating a Kitchen Lighting Plan

First things first, get rid of that one light fixture in the center of your kitchen and instead opt for recess lights around the perimeter of your kitchen, task lighting beneath cabinets and above the sink and stove, and add accent lights in your cabinets.

Lighting Control – You can control your lighting and make it multi-functional using dimmer switches.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

LED is the preferred type of light for under cabinets. You can also use LED lights for other task lighting including above the stove as well as for recessed lighting around the perimeter of your kitchen.